QAI is a value-add infrastructure investor focused on high-quality middle-market investments with aligned management teams and partners.


Our decisions take into account honest and reasoned analysis, the results of which are measured by the achievement of customer experiences and investor returns. We judge our success not solely by investment returns, but also by the positive impact we make on people and the communities in which we operate. We aim to leave companies, assets and the communities in which we operate, better than the way we found them.

Middle-Market Focus

QAI focuses on investments requiring $20 to $80 million of equity in the infrastructure verticals of data and technology, industrial and environmental, decarbonization and energy transition. QAI’s opportunity set within these industry verticals and specifically in the middle-market is robust given increasing capital requirements driven by changing societal behavior.

North American Concentration

North America, and particularly the economy of the United States is in the midst of a post-covid recovery in which infrastructure needs have become a top priority. QAI aims to capitalize on the growing demand for infrastructure assets, which is expected to remain strong over the long term. QAI’s strategy benefits from several macro tailwinds, including the paradigm shifts to both digital transformation and low carbon energy.

Value-Add Emphasis

QAI’s strategy involves the acquisition of mature assets and repositioning them into viable platforms; the provisioning of growth capital to evolving businesses; and the development of greenfield and brownfield assets into operating companies.

Data and Technology

Broadband and wireless networks

Data centers and storage

IoT and other applied technologies including logistics

Industrial and Environmental

Waste management, niche recycling and low-carbon industrial manufacturing

Water logistics, treatment and management; civil infrastructure

Industrial gases, minerals and chemicals; inland terminals and rail logistics

Decarbonization and Energy Transition

Energy transition such as renewables, hydrogen, energy efficiency and carbon sequestration

Niche battery, storage and transmission; EV and fuel-cell vehicle infrastructure

Responsible energy transport and power generation, including distributed resources and demand side management