QAI is a partnership between Quintana Infrastructure & Development LLC (“QID”) and Astarte Capital Partners LLP (“Astarte”) formed in May 2022, combining QID’s strong investing, operating and development expertise with Astarte’s long-standing asset management and ESG framework. QAI targets more than $1.5 billion of mid-market, value-add infrastructure investments in North America. The first fund under the partnership is Adaptive Infrastructure Fund II LP, a new $500 million closed-end fund.


QAI invests in mid-market value-add infrastructure assets in North America, across the verticals of data and technology, industrial and environmental, decarbonization and energy transition. Within these sectors, the primary focus is on adaptive infrastructure assets that will address the changing societal needs which lead to resilient infrastructure requirements for our generation and the next. QAI targets equity investments of $20 to $80 million, and its strategy involves the development of greenfield and brownfield assets into operating companies; the acquisition of mature assets and repositioning or repurposing them into viable platforms; and the provisioning of growth capital to evolving businesses. QAI seeks to transition its investments into core or core-plus assets upon successful execution of the strategy.


QAI’s purpose is to safely, responsibly and creatively invest capital and manage assets that deliver superior returns for their stakeholders. We focus on management and field-level personnel who make honest, deliberate, nimble and value-guided decisions. Capital, assets and/or equipment are instruments through which our people serve our customers.

QAI aims to steward assets for the long-term so that customers will be happy today and comfortable in sustaining their commitments tomorrow. QAI prepares for a long-term hold but maintains flexibility to monetize as market conditions precipitate favorable opportunities. QAI maintains an eye for assets with downside protection that offer long-term, stable and inflation-protected returns.

About Quintana Infrastructure & Development:

QID is an investment firm established in 2011 by Will Robertson, focused on value-add mid-market infrastructure opportunities in North America across three main verticals – data and technology, industrial and environmental, and responsible energy and power. The QID senior team has been working together for more than a decade and has invested in North American infrastructure exceeding $1 billion of total capital.

About Astarte Capital Partners:

Astarte is an asset manager focused on sustainable real assets across Europe and North America, primarily in mid-market opportunities within infrastructure, energy transition, natural capital and real estate. Astarte provides access for institutional capital in specialist areas of real assets that are supported by the major macroeconomic themes, such as demographic shifts, resource efficiency, technology evolution and climate change mitigation. Astarte’s main investment strategy is to act as strategic investor and anchor capital to emerging managers and thematic investment platforms that can demonstrate strong track record and growth potential in their specific asset class.